Campaigners are taking part in a march through the centre of Totnes to celebrate the 1913 Great Pilgrimage march for votes for women, and to promote the fight for Proportional Representation in the House of Commons.

Members of the town’s Make Votes Matter (MVM) group will be marching up through the centre of the town from The Plains to The Rotherfold from 11am on Saturday June 11.

The original Great Pilgrimage was organised by the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS), the non-militant organisation that campaigned for votes for women.

Over six weeks, women and men marched peacefully from all corners of the UK to converge in Hyde Park, London for a demonstration attended by 50,000 people.

Women taking part in the great suffrage pilgrimage of 1913, travelling to London's Hyde Park to campaign peacefully for the change. (National Museum Wales)

Organiser Laurie Taylor said: “When the 1913 marchers came through Totnes on their long walk to London they were met with stone throwing.

“That won’t happen this time but the work of the suffrage movement will never be truly completed until every vote counts equally.”

Among the speakers will be Totnes resident Caroline Voaden, the former Lib Dem MEP for SW England and Gibraltar, and Anthea Simmons, editor-in-chief of West Country Voices.

Laurie added: “Bring a placard, bring friends and family, and bring yourselves.

“There will be short speeches at the end of the march but it will only take about an hour of your time.”