Dartmouth Academy rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted as it moves out of ‘special measures’ and jumps classification to be rated ‘Good’ in all categories.

Three school inspectors arrived at the Dartmouth Academy with the customary 24 hours’ notice in the second week of the school year. Rather than catching the school on the hop, they caught them at the top of their game and judged the school to be ‘good’ in all categories.

The inspectors reported that they found the pupils at Dartmouth to be particularly delightful and that pupils love coming to school and are proud to wear the uniform of Dartmouth Academy. The inspectors found that the pupils respond keenly to the idea that they should strive to be their ‘best selves’ and that they value their education highly. They conduct themselves well at the school and disruptive behaviour in lessons is rare.

They describe pupils as being typically polite to each other and to adults, that punctuation is "exemplary" because they are keen to get to lessons to learn. Behaviour both in lessons and at break and lunchtime, is described as being very good.

Inspectors praised the quality of teaching, saying that teachers have good subject knowledge and plan their teaching well. As a result, pupils are making faster progress and taking great pride in their work. Inspectors singled out the teaching of English, History, French and Art in the secondary phase, Literacy and Phonics in the primary phase and the good quality of early years at the academy.

Roger Pope, CEO of Education South West said: “When we first began to support Dartmouth Academy three years ago, we said that we were determined to make sure that Dartmouth had a good school, in all phases, for the first time in many, many years.

“We are just thrilled that Ofsted have now confirmed that this is the case, and we will be relentless in supporting the school to make still further improvement. We are just thrilled for all of the staff and pupils, and delighted that their hard work has been vindicated.

“Tina Graham took on a real challenge and has won the confidence of everyone in the community. We are very grateful to her and very excited about the next phase of the school’s development”.

Principal, Tina Graham, said: “This inspection outcome is a massive tribute to the hard work, commitment and determination of all our staff and pupils over the last two years. Pupils have risen to the challenge when we demand that they be their ‘best selves’ at all times.

“As well as offering a very good academic education, we have our own distinctive ethos and are delighted that parents now have a school in their own town which can service their needs and which they can be very proud. The day that Inspectors left, we were embarking on our next phase of ambitious development; just watch us go to even greater heights.

“If you have yet to see the new building at the school, or would like to see the school in action, please contact us on 01803 839700. “

County Councillor, Jonathan Hawkins was quick to congratulate the school and said: “I have had the pleasure of working with Tina Graham over the past few years and am very pleased that after all the hard work she and her staff have put in that they have got these excellent results.”

The full report is now available on the Ofsted website.