Cars are driving too fast through a frequently flooded road in Littlehempston, according to local residents.

The road is adjacent to a stream off the River Hems and is known to frequently flood when there is heavy rain.

The road is one of the main routes from the village onto the A361 meaning it is often busy with villagers trying to drive out or back home, and others who are driving through to skip traffic.

Some drivers were spotted by residents deliberately speeding up before entering the flooded patch of road and not testing their brakes having got through the water.

Large vehicles and SUVs have been spotted creating waves crashing into walls and washing away the verges of the roads, leaving piles of mud and debris on the road after the flood water has washed away.

Drivers passing through the flooded road
Drivers passing through the flooded road (Jennifer-Galton-Fenzi)

Jennifer Galton-Fenzi, a resident of Littlehempston, said: “I’m sure this is a problem which many other places will recognise. This is a plea for drivers to think when about to enter water; to be considerate to houses and the environment, to observe temporary road signs and to be aware of possible danger. You do not know what may be lying in the water. Wash causes damage - slow down!

“Littlehempston will no doubt flood again before long; we will always be helpful to those who get into difficulty, but we expect more consideration from those driving through our village, and at all times, not only during floods.”

The AA advises that drivers shouldn’t drive through water deeper than 10cm, drive slowly to not create waves and test your brakes as soon as possible after passing the water.