A DIRTY road sign at California Cross is causing confusion to visitors, and frustration to residents.

Obscured by years of pollution and dust, the names on the sign on the B3196 are barely visible from a distance at the key junction for traffic travelling into the deep South Hams.

A local resident sent the photograph to the Gazette, writing that ‘numerous signs in and around Modbury are in desperate need of a clean, but I don’t know whose responsibility it is.’

Roadsigns in the South Hams are the responsibility of the local highways authority, Devon Highways, who fall under the auspices of Devon County Council.

The Gazette got in touch with Devon County Council, who issued this statement: ‘The county council has a limited budget for sign cleaning, and priority is given to maintaining warning and regulatory signs, and signs on A roads.

‘We will try and get to this sign as and when resources allow.’

If you know of any roadsigns that are in desperate need of a clean, please do email us a photograph to [email protected].