THE National Dad Dancing Championships were held last ­weekend at the second annual DadFest in Beeson.

DadFest, the only festival in the UK specifically for dads and their children, took place over the weekend at Forest and Beach in Beeson.

In the end Totnes resident Conrad Gillespie took home the honour of being the winner of the worst dancer in the Dad Dancing World Championships.

Conrad went to DadFest with

his eldest daughter Lara, five, and described it as ‘phenomenal’.

He said: ‘There was just a bunch of guys acting ridiculously in a barn and suddenly it went viral. I’ve spoken to the press from all over.

‘All the dads were in the middle being weird and all the kids were round the outside looking embarrassed. I did the caterpillar and then someone ­decided to try to do a headspin on a hard cob floor. I expect padding next year – good-quality lino.’

Conrad attended the first DadFest last year, and when asked whether he would be back to defend his Dad Dancing World Championship title, which he won based on a very strange floor-based swan-arm dance, he replied: ‘Definitely. It’s going to take some planning though.

‘I intend to burst through the barn door in a fully illuminated Tron suit with jetpack, fake smoke and possibly rollerblades. Think rollerblading River Dance – that’s what I’m aiming for.’

DadFest offered archery, bushcraft skills, green woodworking, shelter building, natural paints, silly science, local ales and cider, a disco, the ­children’s DadFM Radio Show, magic and mayhem from Hat McKool, a farm walk, sky watching, a bat walk, ­campfire stories, food and more for the dads to enjoy with their children.

DadFest is hosted in association with the Dangerous Dads Network, whose mission is to ‘build stronger communities, where fathers and male carers have the chance to become the best dads in the world for their children’.

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