Construction for the new Kingsbridge skatepark began on Monday, as the long-awaited project finally kicks into gear.  

A spokesperson for the skatepark said: “Monday marks the beginning of a new era for wheeled sports in Kingsbridge. Wheelscape will begin construction on our new £250,000 skatepark with expected completion by the end of December. A revised landscaping plan will be done in parallel with an expected completion of February 24.”

The initiative, which is being run by Adam Sherring, owner of Habit in Kingsbridge, will see a revamp of the current skatepark in Kingsbridge, creating a community space where people of all ages can use the facilities. The funds were raised through a crowdfunding scheme that has been ongoing for over a year. 

The current skatepark in Kingsbridge has fallen into disrepair and locals hope the new build will give young people a safe place to spend time with their friends and learn a new skill. 

Wheelscape, the park designing company in charge of designing the skatepark, say of their work: “As physical and mental health continues to decline there is an increasing demand for inclusive leisure and activity strategies. The integration of skateparks and alternative sports alongside traditional sports and play is now long overdue.”

Adam Sherring said of the project: “It’s important to stress that this is aimed at all members of the community who wish to use any wheeled device or just need to somewhere to socialise. We plan to include a dedicated social area for all to enjoy, something desperately needed in the town.”

There were concerns from some councillors over issues such as the removal of trees, but an agreement has been made where more trees will be planted to mitigate this. 

Countless local businesses got involved in the project, by donating money or offering up incentives, such as personalised bricks for the park.