A VISITOR to a Teignbridge Conservative Club was ejected and reported to police after he put his head between a woman customer’s breasts as she ordered drinks at the bar.

Philip Naylor had already been warned about his behaviour at the club in Teignbridge after drinking four or five pints and becoming leery.

He approached the woman as she waited to be served and told her ‘this place is full of weirdos’ before remarking on the size of her breasts and plunging his head between them.

She left the bar immediately and fetched her husband, who confronted Naylor, who was then escorted out by other members as the victim called the police.

Naylor, aged 44, of May Street, Leigh, Greater Manchester, admitted sexual assault and was conditionally discharged by Judge Stephen Climie at Exeter Crown Court.

He ordered him to pay £300 compensation and £1,000 costs and made a three-year restraining order banning him from contacting the victim or going to the area around the Conservative Club.

He chose not to put Naylor on the sex offenders register but warned him he will go to jail if he ever repeats his behaviour.

He told him: ‘There are some people, and you are one of them, who become disinhibited when under the influence of alcohol and this sometimes results in stupid or immoderate behaviour.

‘On other occasions it makes you behaviour offensive and on this occasion it demonstrated an extreme level of disrespect for another human being. It certainly justified you being taken to court.

‘This was an unpleasant assault from the victim’s perspective.

‘Let us not trivialise it. I am not satisfied that registration as a sex offender should attach because this appears to be a one-off.

‘Your consumption of alcohol is an aggravating factor but you did not persist when it was made clear to you that your actions were not only unwanted but seen as positively disgusting by the victim.’

Mr Michael Brown, prosecuting, said Naylor was in the Conservative Club on October 9, 2021, and had been warned about being loud by bar staff after consuming four or five pints.

At about 9 pm a woman went to the bar to get a drink for her and her husband and Naylor told her the place was full of weirdos, to which she replied jokingly that there is no such thing as normal any more.

Naylor then remarked on the size of her breasts and placed his head between them over her clothing. She left immediately to fetch her husband.

Mr William Parkhill, defending, said Naylor is now working as a fencing contractor and is a position to pay compensation. He said he is remorseful and will not offend again.

He said: ‘A lesson has been learned here about how he views his behaviour.

‘It has been taken on board.’