Anyone can sing – claims the new director of church music in Totnes, Mike Gibbons, who has launched a new choir.

Open to all, even people who have never sung before, Mike hopes his new singing group will attract residents from across the town and beyond.

Try-out sessions over the summer will be free and are being held at St John’s Church, Bridgeton on Wednesdays from 7.30pm.

Mike, director of music at both St John’s and St Mary’s, said: “The reason for starting this group is that when we sing in both churches it is, of course, part of the services so the music is obviously chosen to reflect that.

“We welcome new singers to both churches so I’m very happy to hear from anyone who wants to sing at services, but this is an additional opportunity.

“This new group is all about the community. It’ll be singing music of all styles from contemporary, pop, folk, inspirational, show tunes, gospel and more, and it’s absolutely open to anyone.

“There’s no requirement to have ever done anything like this before or to have any training, and even if you think you can’t sing but would like to try then you’re very welcome.”

“I’m doing this because I love people singing, especially the fun of doing it together. “There’s a real range of singing opportunities in the town but there’s always space for another group and the long-established choirs and groups in town have been very supportive.”

Mike added: “This is very much a trial period across the summer term but I hope that during this time we can grow a group which will run every week from the autumn. “Totnes has a fantastic arts and culture community. I’ve spent many years organising events so the chance to help develop the arts, concerts, activities in the town is terrific.

“I’m looking forward to what we can do for the Totnes Festival in August when the churches will be heavily involved.”

For more information email [email protected]