Bigbury-on-Sea received a visit from Whaley from Til the Coast is Clear on Sunday.

Bigbury Net Zero is collaborating with Gary Jolliffe to initiate a Plastic Free Bigbury Bay Campaign.

Whaley is huge, the size of a real whale, and he’s covered in marine pollution that Gary’s teams have collected from Bigbury Bay.

There was a drone in the air and John Tucker wrote NO PLASTIC with his tractor in the sand.

BNZ is reaching out to all the community groups around the Bay to begin supporting households and businesses who want to reduce their use and sale of single use plastic items.

Gary Joliffe from Til the Coast is clear addressed the gathering with a talk on marine pollution.

They already have a lot of champion businesses in Bigbury and Modbury and are confident many more will join in.

Cllr Rufus Gilbert has just donated £500 to their funds to kick start this endeavour.

Annual membership helps them do the work they need to do – households £10 a year and businesses £100 a year.

They will make small hand made plaques to go outside your homes and larger ones for businesses.

The organisation brings together the energy and passion of the community to make a difference by assembling, motivating and celebrating.

Their vision is for a sustainable neighbourhood where carbon footprint is more important than our ephemeral footprints in the sand and where shared resources embody our real community spirit.

A spokesperson said: ‘Bigbury is more than just a beach.

‘Those who live here are custodians of much more than just the view.

We are accountable for its sustainability in the era of the world’s climate and nature emergency.

‘Bigbury’s Carbon Footprint is 18.8 tons CO2e per person per year.

The average UK footprint is about 15 tons.

‘The average in Sub-Saharan Africa is 0.8 tons.

‘Our emissions affects the existence of others and Life on Earth.

‘Bigbury’s Carbon Footprint is higher than the average footprint in South Hams due to over reliance on oil-fired energy, overseas flights and lack of shared or public transport.’

The Bigbury Carbon Footprint is made up of 450 households, seven farms covering 1,00 acres and a few local businesses.