THIRTEEN pairs of Thurlestone ladies played in this year’s Patey Steer Bowl, writes Liz Line.

Victoria Gibbens and Liz Sharman won this coveted trophy with 38 points.

Alison Adams and Gill Hicks were second with 37 points and third were Janice Croke & Sheila Fairley with 36 points. There were two birdie twos worth £11.00 each, they were Victoria Gibbens & Liz Sharman and Pam Adams and Kaz Phillips.

Last week Thurlestone Seniors hosted a team from Torquay, both teams enjoyed a sunny afternoon but this week there was a very strong easterly wind which gusted up to 30 mph.

The wind gave the home team an advantage with many of the Torquay team commenting they had never played in such strong gusty winds. This reflected on the overall score that afternoon with the home team winning 5-1.

There were wins for Captain of the day Steve Gallagher with his partner Bill Hutchison, Jim Stewart and Jeremy Poyntz, Neil Mackay and Mike Allen ,Gary Keen and Mike Croft and Jon Thompson and Geoff Holt.

The Ladies’ President’s match against Tavistock II on April 21 was their second match of the season and first one at home. Weather conditions were good, a dry, sunny day although there was a moderate breeze.

Due to the luxury of a large squad the team had a few changes from the first match. The players for this match were Jane Walker, Liz Stewart, Tricia Swindell, Heather Spencer, Liz Sharman, Melanie Adcock and Jane Smyth with Gill Hicks as reserve.

All the players had to give shots to their opponents with Liz Stewart having to give nine! The matches were played in a friendly but competitive manner. The results were close with five of the seven matches finishing 2-1. The match resulted in a draw, 3 1/2 to 3 1/2, Liz Stewart, Heather Spencer and Melanie Adcock winning their matches and Liz Sharman halving hers. Thank you also to the reserve, Gill Hicks, for her support throughout the day. Report from Pam Adams, President’s Team captain.

On Friday, the ladies played the Killard Leavy Foursome, which is a Foursomes stableford only open to Devon County Vets. The winners go forward to represent the club at Okehampton on September 11. The winners were Gill Markham & Wendy Stewart with 32 points, from Judith Lungmuss and Jane Smyth with 29 points and third Pam Adams & Lesley Davey with 28 points.

Thurlestone Ladies Devon League Team welcomed Boringdon Ladies at Thurlestone on Tuesday April 25. They all ventured out in good spirits for the first game of the season in this competition - it consists of six ladies with handicaps up to 35. Thurlestone team all had to give shots to their opponents who all played very well.

Two Thurlestone ladies; Jayne Smyth and Gill Markham won their games after giving 14 and 15 shots respectively. Shona Wilson bravely halved her game after giving seven shots. The rest of the team sadly lost but a great game was had by all.

The course was looking stunning and one Boringdon lady said the reason she lost her game was that she was so distracted by our lovely views. Sadly that did not apply to the rest of her team! Thurlestone lost by 3 and 2, with one halved game.

The next fixture is away at Boringdon in May – it is always such a fantastic opportunity to play new courses and meet like minded people who love golfing. Report from Judith Lungmuss

The Seniors played Yelverton away on Monday; for once the weather was reasonably kind for this fixture, though our first pair Paul Millburn-Fryer and Peter Coates started off in a squall but just managed to win 1-up coming from behind. Hugh Bodger and Geoff Holt then obtained an honourable half. Pairs three and four, John Thompson and Michael Croft, Paul Dunne and Graeme Fairleyj had a difficult time. Pairs five and six had opposite results, Mark Beal and Philip Colman going down 2 & 1 and Jim Stewart and Steve Gallagher winning 2&1.

A win for Yelverton 3 1/2 to 2 1/2 is a credible result for Thurlestone on what is a very challenging course. Report by Peter Coates.