KM United U8s

It was a very windy morning that met KM U8s on a visit to Stoke Gabriel.

In fact it was so win­dy that the match had to be stopped twice to put back some flyaway goal posts!

The KM boys settled into the game well with near miss after near miss. Luck wasn’t on their side as not one player could find the back of the net.

They played with the wind and despite all the chances they finished the first quarter without a score on the board.

The second quarter saw some fantastic passing between the front four of Louis, Ethan, George I and Billy.

But despite their superb efforts a goal was conceded close to the end of the session.

The third quarter saw some great saves from goalie Sam and solid defence and team work from defenders George L and Rian.

But it was the powerful left foot of Billy who slammed the ball in to the back of the net to see the second goal of the match.

Even though they were playing against some really strong gusts of wind that saw the ball swirl and fly in completely the wrong direction, KM kept the pressure on and in the dying minutes of the final quarter a mistake by Stoke meant an own goal to secure KM’s victory.

Spectators from both sides were so proud of the way all the boys conducted themselves in difficult weather conditions and that they never gave up pushing for the win.