Easter is an amazing time of year.

The date shifts annually, determined by the first full moon of spring, as is the Jewish Passover. We have the hope of warmer, sunnier weather and the appearance of little green shoots poking through the muddy soil.

Easter is about new growth, new beginnings, and new opportunities.

It’s THE biggest event for Christians across the world. On Good Friday we reflect upon the extraordinary life of Jesus, who He was, what He said and what He did. But especially the ultimate sacrifice He made for mankind, dying on the cross… and for what?

It was not a futile act of compliance, it was a victorious promise from God.

It was God showing us just how much He loves us. To live a perfect and blameless life and to die the painful death of crucifixion for EVERYONE is literally ‘out of this world’.

At Eastertime Christians reflect on Jesus’ death but we also celebrate His resurrection to life.

A soldier witnessed his death. His friends discovered the empty tomb and then Mary Magdalene saw Him alive in the garden. She couldn’t believe it was Jesus… until He called her by name.

This Easter, in fact every day, we have the opportunity to speak to Jesus, to call upon His name and to hear his ‘voice’

We might not know Jesus personally, but He knows US by name and we will hear him in our heads and hearts, if we find some time to listen.