A woman was hit in the chest by a wing-mirror after it was smashed off her fiancé’s car the day before her wedding.

Polly-Anna Johnson was driving with her now-husband to set up their wedding venue on Wednesday, June 13.

She said: “We were on the country lanes from Ivybridge to Ermington when we were hit by a sandy-coloured Discovery Sport. This caused my partner’s wing-mirror to break and fly into the car as his window was open and hit me.

“We have had to get a new wing mirror and need to replace the camera which is now broken in the mirror. The gentlemen driving the car did not stop or come back , the number plate started with S10.”

Polly-Anna was left with a large mark on her collarbone, but that didn’t stop her having an amazing wedding. “We planned for everything else to go wrong but not that”, she said.