People are being urged to register for the keyholder scheme to ensure emergency services can access their building in the event of an incident.

Devon and Cornwall Police’s keyholder information database has been in operation for more than 10 years and helps to alert designated individuals if there is a problem at a property.

The scheme helps businesses and individual residents by keeping a record of people who can access a property in an emergency.

Information about keyholders is kept on file for two years. After this time keyholders or property owners will be reminded to update the register to make sure they can still be called on if an incident occurs.

People can register for the scheme if they are a business or resident. Emergency services will then be able to contact someone when there is a problem or even issue warnings of impending danger such as flooding or pollution.

A spokesperson from the Force’s Alarms Team said: “The benefit of being involved in this scheme is that it’s a free service Devon and Cornwall Police offer.

“This enables a responsible person to be called out if an incident occurs at your property. It has been successful for over 10 years.

“But it’s important that all individuals reregister so we can keep our systems updated. We also welcome new applicants.”

Details of the keyholder scheme can be found at Keyholder | Devon & Cornwall Police (