Ivybridge Town Council have expressed an interest in implementing 20mph speed limits residential areas across the town.

However, without support from Devon County Council there is a slim chance it could be enacted any time soon.

The town council have previously voted in favour of ‘20 is plenty’ proposals for the town. Believing it would be safer for residents and will set clearer rules for those driving around Ivybridge.

This was rejected unanimously by Devon County Council. The county councillor for Ivybridge, Cllr Roger Croad, told town councillors, that the proposals they voted were for all of Devon and that he personally was opposed to a blanket 20mph proposal for all residential areas in Ivybridge.

Town councillors recognised that without support from above, the proposals wouldn’t work. Because it wouldn’t catch the real speeders and it would need enforcement to reduce speeding across the town. Furthermore, the town would need to have gathered speed watch data to present to DCC to make their proposals more likely to be approved at county level.

Town councillors insisted at the most recent full council meeting the proposals are designed to reduce the speed of traffic at peak times, improve air quality and reduce the risk of injuries and deaths on the road.

The council agreed to keep lobbying for change on the town’s behalf but recognised change above them needs to come before any meaningful change.