A TROUBLED care leaver carried out a series of attacks on police after they were called to her home in Newton Abbot.

Millie Carr bit one officer after a struggle in the doorway of her flat and went on to kick others while in custody. She threw a shoe at another officer who went to a later incident in which she had taken an overdose.

Carr, aged 21, has a troubled background in the care system and dislikes police because of childhood memories of them helping social workers take her into care for her own welfare.

She carried out a total of seven attacks, the most serious being one in which she bit an officer’s arm so hard that she drew blood and left a visible mark.

She staged two sit-down protests while in custody and kicked out at the officers who were trying to move her. She also attacked police when they were giving her a free lift home in a van, kicking one and ripping the watch off another’s wrist.

Carr, also known as Clayton, formerly of Bradley Lane Newton Abbot, but now of no fixed address, admitted seven offences of assaulting emergency workers and one of criminal damage to the officer’s watch, which she broke.

She was sent on a Thinking Skills course as part of an 18 months community order by Judge Neil Davey, KC, at Exeter Crown Court.

He told her: 'Much of your offending is down to your mental state and is no fault of yours and that is important to bear in mind in your favour.'

Miss Lisa Denley, prosecuting, said police went to Carr’s flat on the evening of November 4, 2021, to look for a missing 17-year-old girl. She refused to let them in until they threatened to break down the door and then kicked on as they entered.

There was a struggle in which she bit a male officer while being restrained. She went on to assault four more while in custody or in the van as she was being taken home two days later.

There were no further problems until March this year when an ambulance crew and police were called to a hotel in Exeter where she was living. She uploaded a social media post saying she had just taken an overdose.

Police were about to hand over the incident to paramedics when Carr became upset at officers removing medication and became violent. She threw a shoe which hit the head of one officer and kicked another in the back. 

Miss Rebecca Wood, defending, said Carr had a very difficult background in and out of the care system which had left her with a dislike of the police.

Her disruptive childhood has also led to serious mental health issues which have resulted in her taking a number of overdoses and a spell of in-patient treatment. She has now re-engaged with social services and is getting more help for her problems.