Dozens demonstrated in Totnes on Sunday in support of Ukraine, demanding an end of Russia’s invasion.

Motorists honked in support at the protest which was one of hundreds held across the world including Santiago, Vancouver, Paris and New York against Russian president Vladimir Putin’s attack, which began on February 24.

Some 30 people rallied at The Plains and sang ‘Give Peace a Chance,’ as the war appeared to be entering a new phase with escalating bombardment.


Demo organiser David Matthews said: “Such actions as we see now in Ukraine are so manifestly unjust and evil that there can be no justification whatsoever, no matter that there has been encroachment and provocation from other quarters maddening ‘the bear’.

“Similarly we know of other locations on earth, do we not, where civilians, families and children are at this time being assaulted and denied essential human rights, to the point of despair and destruction, by overwhelming forces steeped in prejudice and fuelled by an inflated sense of entitlement.

“The antidote to all this will not be found in following populist demagogues of any description, but rather in seeing the Earth as one country, all of us as one people, one humanity - an internationalist, universalist view, recognising spirit as the source, the core and the ultimate nature of the human being.

“To think globally, act locally and live simply - increase local food production, slow down, address the renewable energy opportunity.

“We know about all this - let’s get on with it, conscientiously and gladly.”

a demonstrater