Rowcroft Hospice’s charity shop in Totnes is in desperate need of volunteers. The shop, which is situated on Totnes high street, is one of the largest modes of income for the Hospice, which is located in Torquay.

Rowcroft provides support for end-of-life care patients and their families, some of which have come from Totnes. 

A spokesperson for the hospice said: “Hundreds of Totnes residents have needed Rowcroft Hospice over the years, experiencing the compassionate care and kindness that the charity provides through its end-of-life care, delivered across 300 square miles of South Devon.”

“All services are provided free of charge, and everyone with a life-limiting condition is eligible, not just those with cancer. It’s not only about end of life either, as many patients visit the hospice in Torquay for help with pain relief or symptom control and then return home again.”

Vernon Davis, Rowcroft’s community nurse who covers Totnes said: “We’re so grateful to all our volunteers and to our community who help raise funds for Rowcroft. Every penny spent in our Totnes shop helps to fund our specialist end-of-life and palliative care. We help our patients to have the best possible quality of life and independence including sometimes helping fulfil final wishes. I love my work and I’m delighted to be supporting my community in and around Totnes.” 

As Rowcroft is a charity, they rely heavily on their shops to fundraise. They need around £9m per year to support both patients receiving hospice care in their own home, and those at the Inpatient Unit or Outpatient Centre in Torquay. 

Shop manager Maddie Rubino said: “I’m very proud that our Totnes Shop generates the biggest income contribution for the hospice in our retail team.”

However, COVID has seen the numbers of volunteers fall at the shop: “Since COVID we have seen a drop-off in our number of volunteers and this is having a big impact on us. Now we also have a cost of living crisis that’s adding more pressure as people cut their spending. So we’re asking our local community here in Totnes to help make sure we can keep playing our leading role in helping fund our services for everyone. If you have time to offer then please drop into the shop and chat with me about volunteering. It’s very flexible and training is given. Or please bring us your donations, we’re always grateful for any good quality items.”

Jeanette, who has been volunteering at the shop for 13 years, said: “I love my weekly session at the shop, it’s a gorgeous place to work full of lovely things! The team are really friendly and I get a big sense of satisfaction, feeling I’m giving something back and making a difference. If you’re thinking of volunteering then come for a trial shift and see if you love it as much as I do. You’ll help make sure that Rowcroft is here for everyone.”