Nicholas Franks feels compelled to condemn Jill Murray’s forthright but fair letter on MP Sarah Wollaston’s ‘upset’ – contrived or real – at a ‘coffin’ placed at her constituency door. On November 5 each year, a few million Catholics ‘enjoy’ the spectacle of aneffigy of one of their number being burned at the stake. One can only hope that Mr Franks and Dr Wollaston might show similar concern when it next comes round.

At the last election, Gary Streeter was similarly ‘upset’ by his hoardings being defaced. Someone – was it Jeremy himself? – even swapped faces. Of course, in his safe seat, Gary does not need to go to all this expense in securing his comfortable Westminster life. But he and the local landowners have to tell the local serfs, as they wend their way around every corner of the road, through these ‘in-your-face’ hoardings: “You - this is where your vote goes”.

Michael Holliday

Pinwill Crescent, Ermington