Keith Baldry, district councillor for Yealmpton, of Hillside Drive, Yealmpton, writes: Concerning the report about the road works on the A379 between Yealmpotn and Brixton, Gazette, 17 April, a Devon County Council spokesman said that 'traffic lights are needed'. We know that. It is why ­traffic is being delayed. The same spokesperson added: 'Any necessary work is likely to take several months.' That is not good enough. There is no indication of any work on site. Traffic is already being delayed. Once the tourist season starts it will get worse. There is likely to be ­significant damage done to the economies of South Hams and Plymouth. It is the route used by Plymothians to get to the beach and by South Hams residents to get into Plymouth. In order to avoid frustrating delays people will go elsewhere. I urge Devon County Council to get on with the work more speedily. I have no doubt that a short, concentrated effort will achieve this. It must be given a much higher priority than appears to be happening.