Cockington Court’s space-themed sculpture trail is showcasing the work of local Totnes artists such as Malcolm Curley, who is known for displaying his animal sculptures around Totnes.

The trail, which leads visitors around the grounds of Cockington Court and into the Manor House, opened on July 29 and will run until October 29. 

Thousands of people come to see the trail each year, and it features 29 unique sculptures created by local artists and sculptors.

One of the star features of the trail this year is the Tardis – the Time Lord’s iconic police box time machine. 

A spokesperson for the court said: “This particular Tardis was created in 2015 during the Christopher Eccleston Doctor Who reboot and used at various red-carpet events and in the BBC Studios tour. Over the years, it also featured in several Doctor Who episodes during the reigns of David Tennant and Matt Smith as The Doctor.”

Malcolm has five pieces on display on the trail, some of which are permanent. These include sculptures of the characters Yoda and Mekon.

Cockington Court Director, Marissa Wakefield, said: ‘‘The aliens have landed at Cockington Court this summer! There are dozens of spaced themed sculptures hiding around our grounds, waiting to be discovered by intrepid explorers. The free sculpture trail is one of the key events in our calendar and is a wonderful way for people of all ages to access and enjoy art.

‘‘We’re also thrilled to be displaying our very own Doctor Who Tardis. The police box time machine has become iconic in British popular culture and fits in brilliantly with our space theme – a wonderful addition to this year’s trail which we hope visitors will enjoy.’’

To take part, visitors can collect a trail map from inside the Manor House. The trail marks the start of summer activities at the Court which include outdoor theatre productions.