A resident of the Ivybridge donkey sanctuary, Rickon, has made a full recovery after a red lump was found on his underside by Equine Assistant Kate Melville, The donkey sanctuary said: “she noticed that it felt different to how his coat normally feels, so our team acted quickly to provide Rickon with a check-up from the vets.” 

Rickon underwent surgery to remove two lumps, one of which was found to be a sarcoid, which is a type of skin tumour that can be uncomfortable for a donkey. 

He was accompanied to the hospital by his best friend and fellow adoption donkey, Tornado, to ensure that he felt reassured on the visit to the unfamiliar environment. 

As the sarcoid was found and removed quickly, it should be unlikely to return. 

Rickon and Tornado have since returned back to Ivybridge, and Rickon is now fully recovered.