The Kontiki Raft Race, which sees participants building rafts to race along the South Embankment, is taking place on Saturday August 26, as part of the Dartmouth Regatta.

The rafts will be launched and recovered from the Boat Float on the South Embankment. This year there will be three different categories: youth, family and adults.

The minimum age for participants will be eight years old, and there is no maximum age limit, but to enter in the youth section, all participants need to be between 8-17 years old.

The final build of rafts will begin from 9am on the South Embankment and the first launchings will take place at 10am. A raft can be crewed by two to 10 people with categories of entry for youth, families and adults.

The race is being sponsored by the Higher Ferry and there will be trophies and awards for the fastest crew and best-dressed raft and crew in each class.

The event is being supported by the Dart Harbour and Navigation Authority, and will be part of the 178th regatta.

The Dartmouth is one of the oldest in the country, with the earliest recorded taking place in 1822.

A spokesperson for the regatta said: “The Regatta committee work tirelessly, all as volunteers, to bring a Regatta that Dartmouth, and her visitors, will be proud of every year. The event is free to attend and the committee rely entirely on their amazing sponsors and generous public donations, with no funding received from any source.”