Quizzers were reminded of the importance of the charity they were supporting in Salcombe last week.

The RNLI annual pub quiz was held last Thursday at the Kings Arms.

Suddenly at 10pm the crew pagers sounded, and they had to run from their quiz table as they answered a shout.

Falmouth Coastguard requested Salcombe all-weather lifeboat to launch to help a small fishing vessel with one person onboard, cold, confused, and unsure of his position.

With their mission complete the crews returned to Salcombe at 12.30am on Friday to a bonus, their table being declared winners of the quiz, even though they left before the last round leaving just one of their wives ‘holding the fort’ to see them through.

The quiz was a great success, with 100 quizzers raising more than £1,100 for Salcombe lifeboats.

A busy week continued with a 4am shout on Saturday morning.

Salcombe Lifeboat launched to help a 13-metre fishing vessel, one mile south of Bolt Head with steering gear failure.

With serious risk with the boat being so close to Bolt Head, a tow was quickly established.

Unfortunately, due to the rough conditions over Salcombe Bar, the decision was made to tow the casualty to its home port of Plymouth.

Once inside the Plymouth breakwater, a second tow line was established from the bow of Plymouth Lifeboat to the casualty’s stern, and together both lifeboats brought the casualty into the safety of Commercial Wharf.

To contact Salcombe RNLI either to volunteer or make a donation you can e-mail [email protected] or visit their website at salcombelifeboat.co.uk