The South Hams will be saying “No” to the President of the United States this evening, as campaigners stage a “Trump Out – Love In” gathering.

The “festival of resistance” has been organised to coincide with Donald Trump’s visit to the UK.

In London, the city mayor Sadiq Khan has given the go-ahead for protesters to fly a Trump baby blimp over the capital, while 50,000 are aiming to stage a march through the city protesting about the visit.

People are being urged to meet up on The Plains, Totnes, at 7pm tonight to show their opposition.

One of the organisers, Andy Stokes, said: “We’ll meet at The Plains and go down to Vire Island to celebrate diversity, compassion and our humanity, which is what we all have in common. Come and join us and celebrate the alternative – bring food, music, creativity and warmth to share.”

Donald Trump is in the country on a four-day visit to meet Prime Minister Theresa May and the Queen. He arrived yesterday and spent the night at the US Embassy before holding talks with Mrs May at Chequers this morning.