Many faces have changed at Totnes Town Council in recent weeks, but the councillor at its helm – Emily Price – remains to steer the ship.

Cllr Price was unanimously re-elected Totnes Mayor for a second term at Monday’s full town council meeting. She chose Cllr Sarah Collinson as her deputy.

The mayor was jointly nominated for re-election by Cllrs Ben Piper and Jacqi Hodgson.

She accepted and added: “It’s a very young council, and I am very much hoping that some of the newer members stick around and take the position of mayor in the coming years.”

Cllr Collinson, who replaces Cllr Georgina Allen as deputy mayor, said: “I am very honoured and flattered to be asked and I would be delighted to accept.”

The official mayor making ceremony will take place at the Guildhall on Thursday May 25.

Councillors welcomed three new members - Luisa Auletta, Tom Cooper and Anna Presswell.

And they co-opted three new councillors - Jeff Chinnock, Chris Beavis and Nick Roberts.

A third candidate, Abigail Read, withdrew from the race.

Jeff, together with his wife Sarah Collinson who is also a town councillor, founded Inclusive Totnes in 2018. He is an associate director of policy and partnerships at the Royal Devon University Healthcare Foundation Trust. He said: “Part of the added value that I would bring to an already well functioning council is the focus on health and wellbeing and using my partnership skills to forge some new partnerships within the community to focus on health equalities and supporting perhaps people who are a bit left behind.

“I know that is not the role of the council but what I see in the work that I do is the power of the community to make things happen.”

Chris said: “I am a bit concerned about the finances of the council going on into the future. The community ought to get fair value out of their council tax.

“I’m very concerned about lack of housing for the youngsters. There are so many moving away and not being able to come back because prices are through the roof.”

Former GP Nick, who was unable to attend, was also unanimously voted onto the council.