Paul Bishop, of Avonwick, South Brent, writes:

In response to Tim Bonner’s letter on behalf of the Countryside Alliance, Gazette, November 20, I would like to say that there are a number of issues that would be important to country folk, but the only one we seem too hear about from the Countryside Alliance is fox hunting.

I believe important issues for many people living in the ­countryside would be the lack of affordable housing and the high cost of transport.

There is no mention of these on the Countryside Alliance’s website yet both of these issues affect poorer families ­significantly.

The fact that the Countryside Alliance is not interested in them says much about which part of society its members come from.

Current campaigning stories on its website are about Yorkshire children celebrating Falconry Day; a Falmouth woman knitting wooly jumpers for chickens; the provision of broadband; the SNP receiving £10,000 from animal rights ­campaigners; and the Campaign for Red Kites (birds). Other than broadband, none of these seem to be burning issues for countryside folk. The

SNP issue is in relation to fox hunting.

As for fox hunting, my understanding is that the most efficient means of culling foxes is a farmer with a gun.

Large numbers of horses, the sound of horns and barking dogs does not seem the best way to approach foxes quietly.

As for the dogs flushing foxes out and then withdrawing so the fox can be shot, this seems unlikely to me.