Dartmouth Museum will re-open this weekend (February 11) after being closed for maintenance and improvement works for the last month.

Niki Kirkwood, Museum Chair, said: “After a busy year in 2022, with over 4,000 visitors, we needed the last three weeks to spring clean the exhibits, carry out repairs, and complete projects.

"I am very grateful to our volunteers for the time they have devoted to this.

"The Museum and the exhibitions look marvellous, and we’ve improved the welcome area for volunteers and visitors alike, with some new panels that feature the unique Jacobean ceiling in the Jesse room.

"We’ve also installed a fully functioning sales desk and computer system to make it easier for volunteers and visitors.”

The Museum will re-open on Saturday, February 11 in time for the half-term holidays.

Visitors can view the existing Exhibitions of the Mayflower, the Henley study from 1880; the world-class collection of beautiful ship models, in the King’s room; and the many exhibits covering the social history of Dartmouth and its experiences during WW2.

Niki added: “it’s only 18 months since we launched the Mayflower exhibition, and with COVID closures some South Hams Newspapers readers may not have seen it yet.

The reception area ready to invite visitors (Dartmouth Museum )

"It is a fascinating exploration of the world of the Pilgrims and their voyage to freedom in America, and with its 12-foot replica cutaway model and 15 minute film introduction, it’s well worth a visit.”

For more information visit: https://www.dartmouthmuseum.org/