Schools across the South Hams have started to close due to insufficient staff numbers and growing concerns for the safety of pupils.

From Thursday, March 19, Dartmouth Academy, Ivybridge Community College, Kingsbridge Community College, and King Edward VI Community College will close their doors to some year groups until further notice.

KCC assured the closure was not down to any reported covid-19 cases.

Pupils who will remain at school in Kingsbridge, Dartmouth, and Totnes are those with upcoming exams this summer.

At KEVICC in Totnes, the closure will only affect those in years eight and nine and is due to staff absences.

In a statement, principal of KCC and Dartmouth Academy, Tina Graham, said: "For those pupils and staff who are attending school, we are continuing our precautions to prevent the spread of infection.

"I recognise these are difficult times for parents in all sorts of different ways.

"We will continue to do all we can to work with you through this rapidly developing situation."

ICC principal Rachel Hutchinson said the decision to close to pupils in years eight, nine, and ten was not taken lightly.Those in years eight, nine, ten and 12 at KCC will have to stay home, as well as those in foundation, and years one, two, three, seven, eight, and nine at Dartmouth Academy.

Teachers at KEVICC are working with the school to start to work remotely.

All schools have said they will post regular updates on their websites.