Dart Harbour has issued advice for boat owners ahead of the arrival of Storm Ciarán tomorrow (November 1).

The forecast is for strong south easterly winds, big tides and a very low pressure They advise to ensure that your boat is bailed and empty before and after the storm is due to hit. We have had a tremendous amount of rain in the last few weeks, couple this with strong wind and big tides, there is a high chance of vessels succumbing to the weather and sinking on the berth.Vessels that are moored in The Bight, are reminded that the berths should be cleared by the November 1. Storm Ciarán has strong southeast winds forecast, leaving vessels moored in The Bight potentially exposed to this, owners insurance is unlikely to cover damage past this date. Vessels that are doubled up in the trots are reminded that the berths shouldbe singled up by November 1. Storm Ciarán has strong winds and big tides forecast, vessels that are doubled up have potential to cause damage to one another.

If you haven’t checked your vessel recently, please do so before the storm, also, please take care if you’re out and about during the storm. Dart Harbour will be available on VHF Ch11 daily between 8.30am and 4.30pm. Following this advice is likely to avoid Dart Harbour having to take appropriate action and levy charges to the vessel’s owner.