A stalker drove 460 miles from the South Hams to pour red paint over a former colleague’s car, slash her tyres and leave a threatening note.

Reece Chipperfield, from Thurlestone, quickly became infatuated with his ex-co-worker during the four month period they worked together in a hotel in West Sussex.

Once arrested for destroying the victim’s car and bailed with orders to avoid the woman, Chipperfield insisted on sending her unwanted cards and threatening letters.

The 28-year-old’s obsession with the victim grew as they worked together at a hotel between December 2021 and March 2022.

He sent her an unwanted bracelet, text messages, and contacted her work colleagues about her shift patterns without her permission.

On April 6 that year she told him to stop and just four days later he made the journey from Thurlestone to the unnamed Sussex hotel.

After arriving in his black Vauxhall Corsa he waited for the woman to arrive for work before damaging her car.

He drove back to his house and in total travelled approximately eight hours.

On April 11 2022 he was arrested and bailed with conditions including that he could not contact her which he breached by sending her unwanted cards.

The red paint poured on the vehicleured red paint over the vehicle and left a threatening note on the windscreen during the 460-mile round trip. He had a professional working relationship with a former colleague at a hotel near Crawley between December 2021 and March 2022, however he quickly developed an infatuation with her.This included sending her an unwanted bracelet, contacting her work colleagues about her shift patterns without her permission and sending unwanted text messages.
The red paint poured on the vehicle (Sussex Police)

While further evidence was gathered Sussex Police secured an interim Stalking Protection Order to protect the victim.

Despite the order, months later on October 7 he sent another threatening letter to the woman, which was reported to the force by hotel staff.

Sussex Police arrested him again on October 10 2022.

After Crawley CID officers travelled to Torquay, Devon, to interview Chipperfield he was charged with stalking involving fear of violence, criminal damage and witness intimidation.

He pleaded guilty to all offences and was remanded in custody until sentencing.

At Lewes Crown Court he received a 14-month prison sentence, but having spent seven months on remand he was released with time having been served.

He was also given an indefinite restraining order against the woman.