THE forecasted Easterly breeze did not deter 15 solo sailors from coming to the starting line. Fortunately, the wind inside of the harbour was aligned to allow beat and running, and race officer Graham Cranford-Smith set an adventurous course that took the fleet out of the harbour at low tide. This path took advantage of the aforementioned, stronger Easterly breezes to be found beyond Lambury Point.

A competitive start saw Tim Law, followed by David Greening, make the no-tide zone of the Yawl trots first, allowing them to round the windward mark at Crossways in first and second. An invigorated Rob Peebles and Simon Yates were then in immediate pursuit down the lengthy run to Starehole.

As Tim Law surfed merrily away on the wash of the South Sands Ferry, those to windward in the pursuing pack made good gains on new breeze, including Commodore Simon Dobson, who made a speedy recovery from his annual buoyancy test.

Whilst Law headed up the beat, Greening managed to sneak second around the leeward mark by reaching in from the rocks, followed by Peebles.

There followed a three-mile windward leg, and whilst Law continued to extend his lead, Greening became becalmed under Halwell Woods, allowing Dobson and Chis Cleaves past him on either side!

This remained the formation to the finish, Law reining victorious whilst Rob Peebles was able to up fifth place come the end of the race.