Dementia UK is encouraging everyone to get out and walk a mile a day this May.

Revd Jax Tilbury, Priest in Charge, of Kingsbridge Estuary Community Churches and parishioner, Sarah Morgan, are hoping to raise £500 for Dementia UK.

For Sarah, Dementia UK, is a charity which she feels very passionate about having witnessed first hand the devastating effect this disease has on people. 

She says “a friend’s mum developed Vascular Dementia and it was very upsetting to see a once vibrant lady slowly deteriorate. 

As her cognitive abilities dwindled, this lady had to move to a nursing home as she became a danger to herself. 

My friend was emotionally distraught when her mother stopped recognising her and struggled to visit her as it was so distressing, but then felt terrible for not visiting.”

For Revd Jax, her experience of dementia comes from visiting parishioners and she too feels very passionate about this cause. 

She added “I have seen many wonderful people felled by Dementia and if by walking a mile a day I can support those in need then I am happy to do so”.

After signing up for this challenge, Sarah unfortunately suffered a torn hamstring, making a mile a day even more challenging.  However, she is determined to continue.

If you could support these intrepid ladies then please donate anything you feel able to do by going to their Just Giving page: