The groundbreaking Transition Streets, borne in Totnes, is set to widen its reach so more people can benefit from the innovative community enhancing initiative. Residents in Ashprington, Staverton, Ivybridge, Buckfastleigh, Dartington, Berry Pomeroy and Stoke Gabriel, as well as households in more streets across Totnes, are invited to an introductory event on Wednesday 22 March.

It is being held at Totnes Methodist Church from 7pm to 9pm, and will give people the chance to find out more about the project and hopefully sign up for the 2023 programme.

Anyone interested in setting up a Transition Street group and lives within 10 miles of Totnes is welcome to come along to the two-hour session where past and current participants will share some of the projects they’ve developed on their street and explain what taking part has meant to them.

One group clubbed together to buy an apple press, collecting surplus apples from gardens in the street to make juice to share. Another group opened a ‘share garage’ for the rest of the street to borrow tools and equipment.Two streets have been holding safe street play sessions where neighbourhood children and people of all ages are invited socialise on the street, while cars are restricted for a certain period. And a number of streets are working with the Incredible Edible project to develop street growing spaces and encourage wildlife.

Attendees will also hear from Ruth Leonard-Williams about her vision for the project, which she has been leading since it relaunched in 2022. Ruth explained: “You’ll find out how it works and why being part of Transition Streets is an amazing way to build and strengthen your community of neighbours and create a more sharing, caring, resilient street, village or town by taking positive, practical action together for people and nature.“We’ll send you away with a little pack with tips and flyers to help you recruit your neighbours and get your group off the ground.”

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To find out more about Transition Streets visit, email [email protected] or phone Ruth on 07773 846132.