Three more common dolphins were reported washed up on South Hams beaches this week.

The dead dolphins were found on the beaches at Challaborough, Thurlestone and Wonwell and reported to the Natural History Museum for post mortem.

More than 100 dolphins have been found dead on south west beaches in the first six weeks of this year alone, with most being found in Cornwall.

‘The alarming fact is that all experts agree that only one per cent of the dolphins killed ended up washed-up on the shoreline,’ Lindy Hingley from Brixham Seawatch explained.

‘It’s a food-related problem, and common dolphins are most affected by fisheries. They travel together in family groups hunting mackerel and the trawlers follow the mackerel too.’

Brixham Seawatch was set up in 1990 to protect and promote awareness of the whales, dolphins and porpoises around our shores. Numbers of these cetaceans are declining at an alarming rate, with the bottlenose dolphin particularly affected. Brixham Seawatch monitors these numbers through collation of reported sightings from numerous sources.

An important activity Brixham Seawatch undertakes is the examination of dolphins, porpoises and whales washed up on our beaches.

If you discover a dolphin, whale or porpoise washed up or stranded on a beach in the South Hams, telephone Brixham Seawatch on 07712 587799.