John Cummings from the Greens topped the poll at the election of Totnes Town councillors.

He received 603 votes. Also elected was Jill Hannam from the Labour Party with 356 votes.

Missing out this time were Jess Kermode from the Totnes Progressive Group with 233 votes and Independent Neil Lockheed with 132 votes.

Speaking before the poll retired civil servant, John Cummings, (Green Party) said: “I’m particularly concerned about transport issues, and the affect on air pollution and health; improving cycling facilities around the town and getting better public transport.

“I’m also very concerned about pollution in the River Dart and I would particularly like the council to work with the trustees of the Dartington Estate to ensure that facility is used for the benefit of the whole community.

“Generally I am concerned about environmental issues, most obviously the Climate and Ecological Emergency – I want to find ways in which the town council can do everything in its power to deal with that crisis.”

Jill Hannam (Labour) ran a bookshop on The Plains and a computer business before qualifying as a school teacher.

She said: “There are not enough provisions for children or adolescents in the area.

“My years in teaching have reinforced my belief that our wonderful young people are the key to the future.

“I care about the environment and despair in relation to what is happening in South Hams in regard to land sales and profiteering.

“I intend to use my experience and vote to push for better quality housing for the less fortunate members of the area.

“Totnes is beginning to lose ground in terms of amenities and consideration for the poor; farmers and businesses are losing their voices and both the old and the young are receiving less social care.”