There’ll be no increase to the precept in Dartmouth this year in the forthcoming 2022/23 council tax bills. At this month’s full Dartmouth Town Council meeting a majority of councillors voted to accept this year’s precept of £490,000 - exactly the same as last year, therefore a 0 per cent increase.

Councillors also looked at the council’s annual budget. The chairman asked if there were any questions. Cllr Martin McGowan-Scanlon said he had concerns over some of the data in the budget, particularly an amount of £150,000 that had been allocated to an unspecified project.

He said: “We are custodians of the taxpayer’s money and I think we do well to remember that and not attempt to spend it simply because it’s there. I can’t support the budget in this current form.”

Cllr Simon Rushton said he had researched the budget and felt the data didn’t support Cllr McGowan-Scanlon’s claims.

Councillors had a general discussion about last year’s budget and the level of general and earmarked reserves. The Responsible Financial Officer clarified the process of having earmarked reserves.

A majority vote was carried to agree the town council’s budget for the financial year 2022-2023. Cllrs McGowan-Scanlon and Sophie Rennie voted against the proposal.