A South Hams man was reunited with a war-time medal last weekend, when his son flew down to Bolt Head to present it to him for his 75th birthday.

Mike Evans, who lives in Kingsbridge, was awarded the medal for serving in Kenya and Aden in the Royal Corps of Transport as a driver. He later returned to his parent unit of 18 Company Royal Army Service Corps Amphibious at Fremington Camp, Barnstaple, where he was presented with the medal in 1966.

Mike lost his medal while moving house in 1970, but his son, Michael Swann found a replacement medal as a surprise birthday gift, and wanted to mark the occasion by flying down from Cambridge to present it to his father.

Mike joined the army in 1959 and was trained in various driving skills at Yeovil, later he moved to Fremington Camp to learn how to drive amphibious vehicles such as the American amphtrack Buffalo and the DUKW vehicles used for wet shod loading with landing craft tanks. Mike also worked in flood relief to civilian communities in Devon and Wales.

Mike said: “I would like to thank the pilot of the Auster aircraft, without him this would not have taken place, and the airfield owner Simon Evans who gave permission for this to happen.

“It was a fabulous day with friends and family,” said Mike. “It was so windy that we thought there might have been a crash landing! But it was a most enjoyable day, and thanks to everyone involved.”