Kingsbridge has been commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day at the town’s War Memorial.

Attending the gathering at the approach to 11am were a number of ex-servicemen and women, the town’s new Mayor Julia Wingate and many members of the community.

It all began with a special proclamation by Kingsbridge Town Crier Roger Pinder.

The service was led by the Reverend Jax Tilbury of Kingsbridge Estuary Churches Mission Community.

The Reverend Jax described her feelings: “Incredibly humbled, incredibly proud and more than anything else tremendously sad that so many hundreds of thousands of young people had to die for us to be able to stand here by Kingsbridge Estuary in peace, especially knowing that there’s so much war and enmity going on around the world and I wish we could live in peace together.”

The Reverend Jax said it was profoundly important to keep remembering: “My father-in-law fought in Burma and he was already in Burma when D-Day took place.

“Of course when they were there they had no idea what was going on but you listen to any veteran from the D-Day landings, from the Burma campaign and from anywhere across the world and their cry is always the same, ‘Remember those who didn’t come back and work and live for peace.

“That’s why it’s profoundly important that we don’t ever, ever forget a single soul.

Chairman of the Kingsbridge Branch of the Royal British Legion James Foster told us his feelings:

“Understanding the courage and the sacrifices that people have made.

“As a veteran myself, we must not forget the sacrifices made during the build-up and by the brave men that went over and landed on the beaches on D-Day.”

James added: “We are in a very unstable world and if you look back in history at the challenges, wars and sacrifices as a nation we have to understand that we are in an uncertain world.”

The service included the last post, several hymns and the National Anthem.

People were then invited to the Royal British Legion in Mill Street for a light buffet provided by Kingsbridge Town Council.