A WOMAN has written to the Gazette, wishing to thank a family from Kingsbridge who came to her aid in Starcross.

The woman, who wishes to be known only as Jane, said that she doesn’t know the name of the family, just that they have a silver car which had two bicycles on the roof and two bicycles trailing, and were from Kingsbridge.

Jane told the Gazette: ‘I often holiday in Devon, and on this occasion I was staying in Dawlish Warren. Whilst I was visiting Starcross, I lost my mobile phone.

‘The lady who found it managed to track me down and returned my phone to me, going out of their way to perform this act of kindness.’

Jane continued: ‘I have multiple sclerosis and need to keep my phone with me at all times in case of falls.

‘I have always received a warm welcome whilst visiting Devon and will keep on visiting this part of the country.

‘I hope this will be read by this kind family, if you know who they are, please draw their attention toward this letter.’