Kingsbridge Town Council’s new role of fixing potholes on all but main roads is being hailed a great success.

The council became a Road Warden for Devon County Council in April and their Grounds Maintenance Contractor, Ian Randle after completing a special course has been busy fixing potholes in the town.

He is only allowed to repair potholes with a 40mm vertical edge and be greater than 300mm wide.

The council do not have the authority to fill potholes on the main roads due to heath and safety as they would have to been fenced off and in some cases the road would have to be closed.

This work has to be carried out by Devon County Council.

Montagu Road resident James Lamble said: ‘‘It’s made a big difference. There’s a lot of old aged pensioners who live in this area.

‘‘They cross the road here and it’s quite easy to stumble in here as it’s right opposite the drop curb on the other side.

‘‘People were stepping off and accidently getting their foot caught in the hole and down they go.

‘‘We couldn’t believe it. It was done so quickly.

His wife Anne added: ‘‘We could hear the cars going through the holes at night. It’s not doing the cars much good is it really?

It’s been fixed several times but this time it does look a bit more permanent. They soon came.’’

Kingsbridge Town Council sucesfully applied for a grant from DCC which bought a stock of cold lay tarmac and ‘tack coat’ adhesive.

Ian has to wear hi-viz and gloves and uses amongst other equipment a brush and shovel. He cuts a vertical edge to frame the hole, brushes up all loose tarmac, seals the edges so it will bond, fills with cold-lay tarmac and rams the surface.

Kingsbridge Town Council have received several representations about the condition of Saffron Park and Wallingford Road in particular and Devon County Council is looking to either patch or resurface these roads and a scheme is being worked-up.

Kingsbridge Mayor Philip Cole is delighted that the town council can at last can fill some of the potholes: ‘‘It’s very pleasing we are able to deliver for our residents what they want.

‘‘We haven’t resurfaced the road because we haven’t got the resources to do that but it’s a really good interim intervention. It’s relatively inexpensive to do but at least its a quick fix and we just hope it lasts.’’

If you spot a pothole you can email the town council with details of the location and any other details to reception@ and they will do their very best to repair them as quickly as possible.

To report potholes on main roads to Devon County Council you can visit: