As 2023 begins, so does the annual tradition of making a resolution, whether that be a goal, change in behaviour, or habit to celebrate the new year.

Here are a few ideas of things that you could choose for your New Year’s resolution this year.

Learn a new skill:

The South Hams is full of places to pick up new skills or start utilising skills you already have.

Repair cafes have been popping up in local towns recently, such as in Ivybridge and Kingsbridge, which sees people coming together to fix their items over a cup of tea. If you have a skill such as knitting or carpentry, then there is no better way to get involved than helping people fix their items, especially as households feel the pinch with the current cost of living crisis. Alternatively, this could be a great way to learn some more about hot to fix things which is an invaluable skill to have for the future.

A fundraiser is currently taking place to bring a skatepark to Kingsbridge, aimed at facilitating all ages and acting as a place for people to congregate and socialise whilst having some active fun. If you’d like to try something new, perhaps skateboarding could be the skill for you.

Improve your fitness:

If your new years resolution revolves around improving physical health, Quayside leisure centre and Marvel fitness are just some of the local gyms where you can improve your fitness with a variety of equipment. Classes from trampolining to zumba are available to cater for every new hobby people may like to pick up.

If you’d like to get out on the water, perhaps to learn a skill such as kayaking or paddle-boarding, there is no better place to do it than the South Hams, with the beautiful estuaries and beaches in the area.

Waterborn SUP in Kingsbridge offer Paddle-boarding classes from beginners paddle-boarding to paddle-boarding yoga.

Make more music:

If you are interested in building on your musical talents, or increasing confidence, there are open mic nights across the South Hams, from The Barrel House at Totnes to Strete’s Kings Arms.

Alternatively, James Carr from Drum Devon is offering free drumming lessons on behalf of Devon Recovery Learning Community to help improve mental health this winter, which could be an exciting opportunity to try something new and therapeutic.


The New Year is also the perfect chance to give back, and volunteering opportunities are constantly available for local charities in the South Hams.

In Kingsbridge alone, the Foodbank, Age Concern, Activities 115 are all looking for helpers, and there is no better way to start the new year than by helping others.

Kingsbridge is also home to multiple charity shops, such as The Cornelius fund, Oxfam and Devon Air Ambulance, which could all use volunteers to assist them.

Get outdoors:

The South Hams is peppered with beautiful walks, from forest strolls to epic views along the coast. If you would like your new years resolution to help you see more of the beautiful countryside in the South Hams, perhaps consider making more time for walks, or joining a ramblers group. This could be a great idea to experience some fresh air and met some new people.