People will be gathering once again in Bigbury on Saturday November 12 for Bigbury Net Zeros second Beach Assembly.

It’s happening at 2pm to coincide with low tide and a Global Day of Action.

Last year 450 people came to the first gathering and they plan to hold one every year during the COP weeks.

Secretary Louise Wainwright says: “Please swell our ranks to show our local and national governments that we want meaningful action and support for a resilient low carbon future where nature can flourish!

“We will have two drones up in the air to capture the event and there will be widespread media coverage. Come and join us - be seen! We will share the video clips with your community groups after the event.”

People will be singing "What a Wonderful World” led by local choirs followed by a procession of life sized sea mammals to fill the words carved in the sand with colourful umbrellas opened as they stand on SOS – COP 27 and local farmer, John Tucker, will carve the words SOS COP27 in the sand with his tractor at 1.00 pm.

Louise continued: “John has opened up his field carpark on the right before you get to the first houses in BoS. Its a few minutes walk from the beach and all carpark donations will go to support Bigbury Net Zero work in our community. Please log out for the signs and park there (its a lot cheaper than SHDC carpark fees!).

Watch the video on our website to see our Beach Assembly in 2021.