A new community composting scheme in Marldon has launched, thanks to funding from South Hams District Council.

The Council is supporting the Marldon Community Composting Group to the tune of £9,000, to help with set up costs, that will cover equipment costs and other set up expenses.

Where needed the Council can also provide a resource from its grounds maintenance team to assist with the ‘turning and shredding’ of the green waste.

The group has gone through the application process, providing all the necessary documentation to secure the money, with support from Sustainable South Hams (SusSH), one of the Council’s close partners in the realm of fighting climate change locally.

Cllr Jacqi Hodgson, Executive Member for Community Composting, said: “We are delighted to be able to support the Marldon Community Composting Group in their endeavour to launch this new scheme.

“Schemes like this are a win-win. They offer communities the chance to recycle green waste in a way that is easy to access and take locally produced compost home for their gardens. It also brings people together, promotes the sharing of vital skills and helps reduce our carbon footprint.”

Jane Nichols, CEO of Sustainable South Hams, said: “Projects like this tie in directly to the key aim of SusSH – to support and inspire sustainability projects in the South Hams and wider Devon.

“It is another sign of the close working relationship between the Council and SusSH, a relationship we hope will continue to flourish.”

The ties between the Council and Sustainable South Hams are strong, following the Council’s financial support for the group, and the formation of the Climate Change and Biodiversity Advisory Group, which is using specialist and expert knowledge to support the Council and wider community’s climate ambitions.

The Council is encouraging SusSH to support other composting projects in our communities, so that groups can share knowledge and potentially resources where needed.