A much-loved animal sanctuary has put out an appeal for donations to fix a leaking roof in one of its four catteries.

Woodside Animal Sanctuary is home to over 450 cats each year, with the majority finding new homes.

To help so many cats a year the sanctuary has three different catteries along with four special care cat units for its feline residents.

One of its four catteries is now in desperate need of a new roof before kitten season hits, which Woodside say is traditionally around April.

Carole Bowles MBE the sanctuary's founder said: “Our outside cattery is suffering from a leaky roof.

“Sadly not just in one spot but many, as the current roofing is long overdue replacement.”

The cattery, affectionately known as 'The Cottage Block' is a wooden block, which currently has a bitumen corrugated roof.

This will be replaced by galvanised roof sheeting, which has a much longer lifespan.

Carole added: “The cattery is predominantly used in the warmer months, but given that both demand for cats to come in is still high and that we are currently helping many feral and stray cats, it is likely that it will be used, although to a lesser extent, throughout the winter too.

"It has 22 pens so in the busy period with kittens, it can house over 50 cats.”

"The cattery is a great help when in kitten season and often houses many litters of kittens, so it is essential that we are able to raise funds for a replacement roof before the season comes around again”.

jaffacake a Woodside resident (Woodside Animal Sanctuary )

The total cost of the project is £6,850.

The sanctuary is asking if any individuals could help by donating or any businesses assist that they visit http://easydonate.org/CATROOF or by text to donate £1, text CATROOF to 70201, to donate £3, text CATROOF to 70331, to donate £5, text CATROOF to 70970 or to donate £10, text CATROOF to 70191

The sanctuary can help with posters, collection boxes and the setting up of giving pages for anyone looking to set up a fundraiser. They are contactable via email at [email protected] or by calling 01752347503