Ryan, 10, has vowed to fundraise for the air ambulance after he was airlifted from Kingsbridge

By Sam Acourt in Emergency Services

A young boy who was airlifted from Kingsbridge has vowed to fundraise for the Devon Air Ambulance Trust.

Ryan Hayman, 10, was playing in Duncombe Park on Tuesday, August 1, when he was knocked unconscious. “I was pushing the swing”, Ryan explained, “and it swung back and hit me in the tummy and I fell back and hit my head. It hurt my head, my neck and my back.”

Ryan’s mum Malissa Hayman said that he kept passing in and out of consciousness and couldn’t move his arms or legs. She called 999 and a Community First Responder arrived 28 minutes later, followed by an ambulance, and the decision was made to airlift Ryan to Derriford Hospital, so the Devon Air Ambulance helicopter landed in Duncombe Park.

She said: “The community first responder came from Modbury and they were amazing, everyone was amazing. One of the crew gave up his seat in the helicopter so I could go with Ryan and his dad followed in the car, which took him an hour and a 45 minutes.”

Ryan said that he doesn’t actually remember the ride in the helicopter, but that he remembered it was “loud”.

Malissa continued: “He was in and out of consciousness in the helicopter and then he was kept still for an hour and a half while they took him for X-Rays and luckily there was nothing broken and nothing damaged.

“They kept him in for observation and to check for concussion over night and he came home the Friday afternoon.

“He’s very, very lucky to have gotten away with it. If it was going to happen to anyone, it was going to be Ryan!”

Ryan, who said he thinks he’s used four of his nine lives so far, has been invited with his family up to Exeter to meet the Devon Air Ambulance Trust team at their open day, and was given a Devon Air Ambulance teddy with a T-shirt that says ‘I was airlifted’.

He said he wants to fundraise for the charity who helped him out, but he’s not sure how just yet.

Malissa added, “28 minutes for someone to arrive when your child is hurt feels like forever, and it looks like it is only going to get worse, but the Community First Responder was amazing, the paramedics and helicopter crew were amazing, the doctors were amazing, everyone at Derriford was amazing. We are very thankful, I can’t say anything else but how grateful we are.”

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