Salcombe Town Council in danger of becoming inquorate

By Chris Derrick in Politics

SALCOMBE’S mayor, Cllr Mike Fice has warned that the town council is in danger of becoming inquorate, meaning it would have to be run by South Hams Council.

At the final Salcombe Town Council meeting of the year, Cllr Fice explained that for the council to reach a quorum, there has to be a minimum of four councillors present at every meeting.

If not, the council becomes inquorate and South Hams Council would appoint its own councillors, not necessarily from Salcombe, to take over the running of the council.

The meeting on Wednesday, November 23 ‘almost didn’t happen’, Cllr Fice explained, with four councillors in attendance and four councillors absent.

Cllr Fice reminded councillors that town council meetings should be ‘top of their agenda’ and explained that the challenge for the new year is how to ‘get more people interested’ in joining the town council.

Cllr Fice said: ‘We’ve got to sell ourselves, we’ve got to work out how to attract people.’

Salcombe now has nine councillors representing the town, with a new councillor, Niall Rudd, being co-opted at the last meeting. This still leaves three vacancies that need filling for the town to have a full council.

Cllr Fice explained that the council have a number of responsibilities within the town, including reviewing and consulting on planning applications.

He explained that some people believe that the council have no power or influence over planning decisions. But Cllr Fice said: ‘We’re not the planning authority, but I do believe we have some influence.’

The town council also have a number of other responsibilities in the town, including maintaining the Berry, running the town’s park and ride and granting funding to local organisations.

The council discussed holding a drop-in event in the town, to meet people and explain the work the council does.

Cllr Lindy Sinnott suggested ‘drawing up a list of assets and responsibilities’ to detail the work the council does.

‘We’ve got to tap into the town’s passion, not its apathy,’ Cllr Sinnott added.

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