Broccoli Rub for wellbeing and care in joints and muscles

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Broccoli Rub is a natural herbal cosmetic ointment consisting of pure, mainly organic ingredients.

Fresh and powdered broccoli, with broccoli sprout powder which contains a natural anti-inflammatory sulforaphane which has no recorded side effects.

The product contains further natural ingredients, sunflower oil, turmeric, for joint care, essential organic lavender oil for relaxation and wellbeing, with alcohol to preserve.

All are gently combined in a paste for topical application to rub onto the areas of the body that require help.

The product has passed the INCI European labelling requirements has been tested by a qualified pharmacist, with all ingredients recorded by trading standards. The product is also subject to a patent application.

Broccoli Rub has given benefit to hundreds of our customers, the owners of the product have used it for three years and have found that it is so effective that the usual proprietary products, some even with known side effects, are no longer used!

A 73 gram pot sells for £14,20 with free nine gram bottle of lavender oil from Tim Somner 07960 667942

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